Localizing the New Urban Agenda and SDGs in Southeast Asia’s fast-growing cities and peri-urban areas

The PolyUrbanWaters project is developing and demonstrating practice-relevant tools that enable municipalities to implement polycentric approaches for urban development and integrated, cross-sectoral water management. The aim: new models for water-sensitive, sustainable and inclusive development that meet the localized needs and realities of urban areas.

retention pond
water treatment plant
waterway in residential area
on-site sanitation
tree farm

Supporting cities, progressing holistic urban development

Through practice-oriented field study and the exchange of good practices, PolyUrbanWaters (also known as “Polyurb” or “Polyurbwater”) is supporting pilot cities in Southeast Asia to develop their capacities for strategic urban planning that incorporates polycentric management of urban waters.


Project Updates

28 November 2022

National Stakeholder Workshop in Lao to present the key findings of the draft of the baseline study and initial strategy development

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24 November 2022

Project Update 16 Integrated Stormewater Management – learnings from Hamburg/Germany

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15 October 2022

Project Update 15 Conceptual and analytical approach for the polycentric management of urban waters sucessfully tested.

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